War (2019)

  • Release: 2019 / 2 October 2019
  • Genre:  ✯ Action ✯ Thriller
  • Language: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, French, Russian, English, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic
  • Country: India
  • Runtime: 154 mins
  • Rating: 7
  • Quality:  ✯ 720P WebRip
    *WebRip: same quality as BluRay, but ripped earlier from a streaming service
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An Indian soldier is assigned a mission to eliminate his former mentor, who has gone rogue.

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Siddharth Anand

Writer :

Siddharth Anand (screenplay), Siddharth Anand (story)

Actors :
Hrithik Roshan| Vaani Kapoor| Tiger Shroff|

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Best Review:

To be honest, I didn’t even plan to write a review for this movie because I thought I’d be ahead of them right away. Well, it’s just impossible, even with the current situation at the control room – to stop writing reviews for movies with Richieka Roshan!!! But what we have, we have. It’s been almost a month since the translation and the sounding of the movie – and silence. “Super 30” has been ignored, and so has this movie. I can’t keep silent, I’m directly distracted by the impressions, so I start squeaking.


First, it’s second and third!!! The rutik here is a killer! Looking like that at his age is not a pound of raisins! With all my sympathy for Tiger Schroff, with all his physical training, plasticity and effort, he will not see such charisma for a long time (do not say “never” because I hope for the best). Tiger’s biggest flaw here is age. Ritik is 15 years older, but he blows the roof off. If the “Super 30” he plays a simple country boy, let the talented, but externally – nothing remarkable, then here he was presented in such a perspective that breathtaking. He is just brutally perfect! Completely without irony, and absolutely not in Tigranka peak. I hope in 15 years, he’ll catch up with Ritic. As long as Ritic’s in that “you go back and forth and we’ll watch” status. Speaking of actors, I’m gonna tell you a little secret. I hope I don’t get anything for it. Tiger plays a double role, and here in the role of antagonist (negative character), I liked him goraaazdo more than a positive boy. He’s got a sarcastic grin on his face and a gaze on his back.


The plot of the movie itself is quite standard – there is a struggle between the world good and the world evil – terrorism. Indian intelligence agencies and their agents find and neutralize various villains around the world, that is, it’s an ordinary spy shooter-catch-up, from Australia to the North Pole. With planes, motorcycle racing, car bombings and so on. It’s a little baffling that India’s main enemy is no longer Pakistan. Events have nothing to do with logic, physicists do not obey the laws of physics. The plot is nothing – that’s it! The only thing that bothered me was the movie full of patriotism in the style of “India is the best country in the world!”, “We will put all our lives for the benefit of the country”, “There is no place for personal enmity in war!” and the like. He suffers too much pathos, devotion and loyalty to the ideals of protecting the country, an excessive sense of duty to the homeland. Well, somehow it could have been made smaller and “easier”.


Stylistically, everything was mixed up here: Irrepresistible-2, EED-2, Faceless, and the good half of John Woo’s movie – the Bonds, the Bourns and some small things. In some moments, it was just embarrassing to have such dishonest plagiarism, but then I thought – shit, Rick, let them … Now Bollywood has a great franchise, which can continue indefinitely, changing the GG and girls GG. After all, “Bondiana” is also not tied to a particular actor, although, of course, Ritik can still be 10 years in this image to be in demand.


As for the dance that everyone was waiting for. He was, and everyone appreciated him. Both Ritik and Tiger gave the best they could – and it was great! As they wrote, this dance was just as necessary as an end in itself, without being tied to the plot. The choreographer was able to combine plasticity and confidence Ritik with acrobatic elegance and youth Tiger. Compare these two actors can not. Ritik since childhood was an idol (capital letter) Tiger Schroff, and I think he thanks all the Indian gods and his fate for what he had the opportunity to play with this wonderful actor. Anyway, guys, you should watch the movie.


Da. Sons. Vanya Kapoor only got 10 minutes of screen time and didn’t let him turn around. I really like her, but in these movies, girls are only needed for the background, so do not let her offend. The rest of the cast was just a support group (and Ashutosh Rana, and Sony Hrazdan, and all). Thank you all so much!!!

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