Tom and Jerry (2021)

  • Release: 2021 / 26 February 2021
  • Genre:  ✯ Adventure ✯ Animation ✯ Comedy ✯ Family
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA, UK, France, Germany
  • Runtime: 101 mins
  • Rating: 6 10 7173
  • Quality:  ✯ 1080P WebRip ✯ 720P WebRip
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Adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera property, which reveals how Tom and Jerry first meet and form their rivalry.

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Tim Story

Writer :

William Hanna , Joseph Barbera

Actors :
Chloë Grace Moretz | Michael Peña | Colin Jost

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Best Review:

Rain pounding unceremoniously on the roof of a typical house, one of thousands in America’s two-story regiment, a leader in the export of celluloid culture….White fences, roof, bricks in the color of others. An ordinary house, of which there are many dotted along the road. It would not be remarkable at all, if it were not for one “but” – here lived the childhood idols of different generations, the first of which are the same age as our (great) grandparents. In the glow of lightning, you can see a sign on the wall: “Tom and Jerry lived here.

A little effort and the door, the hinges of which have not known maintenance for a long time, gives way. The creak resounds through the rooms, in which every object is a symbol, every detail a reference to the distant past. History comes to life here, a cartoon becomes reality.


The gaze of the surprised guest is drawn to the huge black grand piano. Strangely, its glossy lid is still as shiny as it was in the 1946 episode “The Cat Concert”. Tom then earned his fourth Oscar for the series. As in a real philharmonic, the sounds of instruments being tuned are interrupted by the methodical tapping of the conductor’s baton. A four-fingered virtuoso pianist confidently and even haughtily comes out to play Ferenc Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. Surprisingly, the house cat, who had been chasing the mouse around the clock, found time for music lessons. Not once did Tom falsify, without the help of an understudy, he surprised. Eight minutes of this short film gives a detailed recipe for the epic’s longevity. It sounded the best in the world. There’s undoubted credit to composer Scott Bradley, who gave the show the magic of his scores throughout the 114 classic episodes.

At the left foot of the piano is the flat arch of a tiny minkhole, and an unusual object lies at the entrance. A surprise musical mousetrap that the caring cat gave to the mouse in the episode “The Night Before Christmas.” It was only nominated for an Oscar here, but it’s hardly the most heartwarming episode of the animated series. Tom and Jerry’s moments of union constantly make the question ‘who are they: evil friends or good enemies?’ Their relationship doesn’t fit into the ‘cat hates mouse’ narrative – that’s an undeniable fact. Together they’ve saved puppies, set each other up in front of passions, and are sad when one of them leaves. And that’s the other side of the show, not at all like the parody of, say, “Tickles and Scratches.”


On the mantelpiece in the lobby is a picture of the third non-friend, the good-natured but wayward Spike. Each appearance of the muscular bulldog brought the extravaganza to new heights. The dog was disturbed in his sleep, his kennel was broken, his son was disturbed, but it was wildly amusing. Hannah and Barbera seemingly primitive gags, as at the dawn of cinema, caused hysteria in the audience. No one could do that, neither before nor after.

The picture is signed and captioned: Quiet Please! The episode of the same name once again gave the authors a reason to climb on stage to receive the statuette. It was passed into the mighty paws of Spike. The cat’s silhouette in the wooden doorway to the kitchen hints at the no-nonsense battles going on here. There’s a note on the table in the room.


‘Dear Tom, my friend, I regret to inform you that Joseph Barbera is no longer with us. Time ages people, changing this crazy world, and only it has no power over us – our immortality is in the film. But I am grateful to the creator, the funny man with the pencil, that you and I have raised hundreds of millions of children. They make great people, and they say we teach cruelty, promote smoking and racial discrimination. What a crazy world this is going to be! We weren’t afraid of the scissors of the censors, we were welcome in every home. Tom, my friend, everyone loves cats these days.

I keep thinking back to where it all started. Pencil strokes, bright colors. Mommy-two-slippers, producer Fred Quimby. He made an offer you couldn’t refuse. That indescribable world, the never-ending rapture of 17 years in the making. My friend, I am blessed to have had the privilege of meeting the most extraordinary cat in the world. Peace be with you. Sincerely yours, Jerry the mouse.


Tom finished reading, as you can tell by the salt stains on the paper. And more than anything, he wanted to see his battle buddy again. With him he made the whole world believe that the cat’s life’s work was to catch the inquisitive mouse. And wherever the little friend was, Tom promised himself that he would find him. And the brave cat went on his way…

Tom found Jerry on the sets of various talented directors. Both Chuck Jones and Gene Deitch and many already our contemporaries have contributed touches in modernized issues. But the magic of the classic series is gone. What animators Ed Barge, Kenneth Mews, Ray Patterson, Irwin Spence and others have done is probably impossible to repeat.

Plenty of full-length but conceptually distant cartoons have been released on video. But even diligent copying of the ‘that Tom and Jerry’ style doesn’t give away half the charm of mid-20th century releases. Every frame can be paused, it is sure to bring a smile. After all, ‘Tom and Jerry’ doesn’t just look, it sounds, and it just lives in a special way.


Too many years have passed for a famous brand to compete with the heroes of new generations of viewers, social media adepts and streaming consumers. ‘Metro Goldwyn Meyer’ is already one step away from bankruptcy. It’s up to the successor, Warner Bros. to continue the story of the cat and mouse. The cartoon was released in theaters and simultaneously on HBO max – the cost of WB’s distribution in the pandemic, a great profiteering for digital flubbers.

Tom and Jerry 2021 movie is just as two-dimensional and native, and then there’s the adorable Chloe Grace Moretz. It’s hard to think of anyone better suited to the role of ‘curator’ of real-world animation. And she does a great job tying the central story to the cat and mouse showdown. That’s not to say the whole thing will elicit Homeric laughter, but in a time scarce for family comedies, ‘Tom and Jerry’ will carve out a niche for itself. Let the movie does not pull on a full tribute to the masterpiece of the 40-50’s, but it tries to play by the rules of the classics. The main characters are silent, as they have always been. And Spike, in his turn, is very eloquent in his threats. Even the crowning movements and tricks of the characters are preserved, flashbacks are provided. It’s a shame that the animation, with its stylistic continuity, still loses out to the original.


‘Tom and Jerry’ will not bring back fans’ enthusiasm for the classic series. Obviously, this is impossible to do. But it is capable of evoking nostalgic feelings with its old-schoolness. It brings to mind solid comedies from the ’90s, among them ‘Mouse Hunt’ and the eternal adventures of young McCallister. Paradoxically, it’s the new streaming technologies that are now the platform for experimentation, bringing viewers back to the roots of genres once popular, while movie distribution has become a calculating game of mastodon studios. Still, it’s good to have room for consistency. The cat chases the mouse – in the house that is.


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