The Heiress (1949)

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In the mid-1800’s, the wealthy Sloper family – widowed surgeon Dr. Austin Sloper, his adult daughter Catherine Sloper (Dr. Sloper’s only surviving child), and Dr. Sloper’s recently widowed sister Lavinia Penniman – live in an opulent house at 16 Washington Square, New York City. They have accrued their wealth largely through Dr. Sloper’s hard work. Despite the lessons that Dr. Sloper has paid for in all the social graces for her, Catherine is a plain, simple, awkward and extremely shy woman who spends all her free time alone doing embroidery when she is not doting on her father. Catherine’s lack of social charm and beauty – unlike her deceased mother – is obvious to Dr. Sloper, who hopes that Lavinia will act as her guardian in becoming more of a social person, and ultimately as chaperon if Catherine were ever to meet the right man. The first man ever to show Catherine any attention is the handsome Morris Townsend, who she met at a family party. Catherine is initially uncertain as to …

28 Dec 1949 Drama /
Romance /

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
William Wyler

Writer :

Ruth Goetz (written for the screen by), Augustus Goetz (written for the screen by), Ruth Goetz (from the play "The Heiress"by), Augustus Goetz (from the play "The Heiress"by), Henry James (suggested by the novel "Washington Square" by)

Actors :
Olivia de Havilland| Montgomery Clift| Ralph Richardson| Miriam Hopkins|

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