The Gentlemen (2020)

An American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him.

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Guy Ritchie

Writer :

Guy Ritchie (screenplay by), Guy Ritchie (story by), Ivan Atkinson (story by), Marn Davies (story by)

Actors :
Matthew McConaughey| Charlie Hunnam| Michelle Dockery| Jeremy Strong|

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Best Review:

Ladies and gentlemen, Guy Ritchie is back! After the senseless “Aladdin” and a number of similar inexpressive paintings, Richie shoots the perfect entertainment and crime thriller “Gentlemen”, which can be put in line with the cult first movies of the director: “Cards, money, two trunks” and “Big Kush”. But unlike the above-mentioned early works, where there were small crazy gangsters, in “Gentlemen” we see respectable, dressed with a needle of men with perfectly groomed hair. The guys have grown up! Big money and big problems are at stake now. And even a minor hero named Coach performed by Colin Farrell, even if he walks in a training suit and Adidas, does it very elegantly and elegantly, only emphasizing his past and love for the streets with such an outfit (impeccably clean). Farrell here is authentic (whoever says what, but such characters, capable of setting the heat, the actor suits much more) and collects a fair share of humor and funny situations.


In addition to the growth of the movie’s characters (although they are not related to previous films), the director himself is also growing. Guy Ritchie manages to make a dashingly twisted movie not only because of the excellent script with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davis, but also because of the various skills he has acquired over the years, which have led to a great balance of everything and everything. The narrative begins at the end, not the rainbow one, and then is carried back for a while. And then the viewer watches as the hero Hugh Grant, journalist Fletcher, presents his vision of the story of these few days, in which it is completely unclear where the truth and facts, and where – dodumki and fiction. As a result, everything happening on the screen is perceived not as reality, but as a certain, in some places embellished, a legend about the main gangster of London. In general, it’s exactly what a movie like this should look like. By the way, a joke about the fact that this story could make a great movie, there will also be.


I do not know how others, but I want to compare “Gentlemen” with the recently released movie “Get Knives” by Ryan Johnson. First of all, both tapes have great costumes. Secondly, the combination of detective history and humor, combined with juicy dialogues deliberately chained you to the screen. Third, the cast in “Gentlemen” is also quite impressive. The main roles went to Matthew McConaughey and favorite Richie Charlie Hannam, who with each movie is better and better. Well, fourthly, satire on modern society, where instead of American ecoactivism, the director is mocking the British bankrupt aristocracy and their dilapidated estates with all their meaningless titles. Ritchie also walks on the drug problem, drawing a fat dividing line between light and heavy drugs. But anyway, “Gentlemen” is a typical Guy Ritchie movie, and definitely the best one in a long time. Fights and chases, set-ups and scams, memorable charismatic characters and the unique atmosphere of the criminal world. All the things we’ve all been waiting for. So, gather your undivided company and do not hesitate to go to the theater for the next session!

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