Superman: Red Son (2020)

What if baby Kal-El’s rocket landed, not in Kansas, but in the Soviet Union? That is the premise of this Elseworld’s tale from DC Comics.

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Sam Liu

Writer :

J.M. DeMatteis (screenplay), Mark Millar (graphic novel), Dave Johnson (graphic novel), Kilian Plunkett (graphic novel)

Actors :
Jason Isaacs| Amy Acker| Tara Strong| Diedrich Bader|

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Best Review:

DC comics have an entire brand known as Elseworlds. This series contains many incredible alternative universes to, so to speak, penetrate deeper into the characters of the most iconic characters: Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and, of course, Superman. Elseworlds’ stories about the latter are different fantasies and ordeals on the theme of “god or man”, but if comic book writers have a complete crisis of ideas, the plot revolves around another place where Kal-El lands. Krypton’s last son may land, it turns out, not just in Smallville. In 2003, came out a very unusual comic book “Superman: Red Son” by Mark Millar himself, and in 2020 it’s time to move it to the screen as part of the expanding works of the studio Warner Bros. Animations. The idea to move the cult comic book is commendable and the public sees “Red Son” – a competent, but still free from the original source of the work.


In another world, Kal-El’s spaceship lands in a Ukrainian collective farm in 1938. Instead of embodying the American Way, Superman becomes the most powerful symbol of the USSR and communism, which changes the course of history of the 20th century. The greedy bourgeois Lex Luthor becomes the last hope of the US government. Other DC characters have also been affected by the change in the universe: Wonder Woman Ambassador Temiskira here, in love with the Man of Steel, and Batman – a terrorist and accomplice to the Americans.


Mark Millar’s original comic book was outstanding. This series is just the right area for an 80-minute DC full-length animated movie. The bad news is that many DC animated feature movies do not always work well with the original material. In other words, there is either unnecessary stretching of time (see “Killjoy” and “Gotham in the Gaslight”), or trying to squeeze too much into one movie (just like in “Death of Superman”). “Red Son” also could not find the golden mean: the pace of the movie as if fixed and he is not quite able to convey the depth of the main characters and succinctly squeeze action.


The main thing that was praised for “Red Son” – the first source is the study of aspects of the character of the superman. Full-length “Red Son” this follows, on the one hand, but also, on the other hand, at some points is distorted. The risky move is presented by Superman and Batman as quite obvious antagonists works only in a limited context. In “Red Son” there is no such context, if only because he was not in the original source. The scenario should have used the plot point about the alternative world in its own interests and should have been repelled from it. The creators confined themselves to the simple topic of whether the goal justifies the means. Faced with the grim reality behind the ideals of the Soviet paradise, Superman becomes obsessed with realizing his vision of a utopia and… the plot “The Power of Superman” repeats itself. It may be appropriate to simplify the source material in full meter, but in the case of the “Red Son” is more of a degradation and self-repetition.


Part of the novelty of “Red Son” was that it was a comic book about superheroes, in which the conflict did not clearly define the sides of good and evil. Superman may be a savior, but he was not the hero of that story. There’s also a small problem with this: Lex here is represented by a man trying to save his country from the threat, yet the sympathies of the scriptwriters are obvious, and they are on Kal-El’s side. It’s possible that the creators pulled all this off to put their twist in the end (although the original ending is much more elegant), so the only truly heroic figure here is still Wonder Woman.


Visually, “Red Son” follows the style of Warner Bros. animated movies. Animations. It is unlikely that the project stands out from the crowd, and even more so it hardly brings something bold. Given that most of the action takes place in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, it’s a pity that the design here too has pumped up.


“Red Son” is one of the loudest additions to the DC animation library in recent years. Loud ones don’t mean great ones. While the source material is perfect for this format, the screen adaptation of “Red Son” to the indecent has been simplified and offers only a modest opportunity to study the moral controversial version of Superman, which was already done, for example, the same cartoon series “Justice League” and, in general, the script of any appearance of Kal-El on the screen. Fascinating finale and excessively ordinary animation movie also dulls the uniqueness of the idea, which is disappointing: instead of the potential best animated movie DC viewers and fans slipped a strong medium.

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