Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

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The next installment in the franchise and the conclusion of the “Star Wars“ sequel trilogy as well as the “Skywalker Saga.”

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Director :
Don Roy King

Writer :

Leslie Bricusse (book), Steve Cuden (concept), Robert Louis Stevenson (novel)

Actors :
David Hasselhoff| Coleen Sexton| Andrea Rivette| George Merritt|

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Best Review:

It’s really unbelievable – how can you make such an inexpressive, empty and stupid movie that stands out for its mediocrity even against the background of such passing films as the last 2 episodes of the saga?

To make sure there is no bias, I must say that I have never been a big fan of Star Wars. Yes, I’ve seen all the movies. Yes, I’ve played some games. Yeah, I’ve read some comics and books. But I can’t call myself a fan of the universe. I wasn’t wildly enthusiastic about watching the original trilogy, I’m good with prequels, and the last two movies, as I wrote above, I thought they were passable, but quite bearable films. But when you see such frank hackwork, then you have to ask yourself the question – and for what and for whom it was filmed in general? Fans spit, not fans – neither. It feels like they wanted to completely flush down the toilet all that had been created over the years, so that no one would even want to remember all this farce, so that in a couple of years we could launch a new trilogy to pump out the audience with brand new characters and a new story.

The first impression after the final credits was some kind of joke, and now we’re all going to see a real movie. After all, everything that happened on the screen in the last 2 hours can not be the work of professional scriptwriters, who were entrusted to write the final saga lasting 40 years. Or can it?

No, seriously, the whole movie didn’t leave me with a strong feeling that the real script was replaced by a fanfic (and frankly bad) of some bad fan who didn’t know what he wanted from the movie in the end – to please the old fans of SG, new, neutral viewer, left, right or all at once? Doesn’t seem to please anyone. And Abrams from this material tried to squeeze out at least something adequate in the first hour of timing (that’s how much on the screen there is at least some meaningful action), but for more he did not have enough strength, and in the remaining time there was a frank bacchanal.

Throughout the movie, the characters don’t care what happens around them. Somebody died? Pfft, a minute later they’d forgotten. Palpatine survived? (it’s not a spoiler, you can tell from the trailers.) Well, okay. Somebody sacrificed themselves? Okay, bygones. And the viewer himself, honestly, doesn’t care about that. It’s all been mixed up so much and it’s all happening so fast that emotions don’t even get there in time. And what empathy can there be for most characters? Sometimes it feels like they understand that if you take them out of the movie, nothing will change. Finn’s in the movie to yell. In the movie, to, uh, to have his Solo, right! Chewbacca, so you can get a feel for the original sometimes. A couple of new characters for you to be! By the way, this phrase can describe most of what’s happening on screen. Why so and not so? It’s just because! After all, the movie is not even trying to explain most of the events. At most he says: just because it’s necessary, but not otherwise.

Of course, the movie had pleasant moments – for example, the battle in the raging waves, moments with Ray’s training, Wren’s fight at the end. But they are so few that you can count literally on the fingers of one hand. This is clearly not enough for the final of the whole saga.

I was going to the movie without any high expectations. I was hoping to see some answers to the questions that the previous parts left behind. I was hoping to correct some mistakes. I was hoping for a trite final disclosure of the characters. I was hoping for at least a decent ending, but it came out as absurd as possible even by the standards of a movie where people throw stones and stop blaster shots. Apparently, Disney didn’t care about any of this. Why didn’t he? Well, just because.

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