Love in the Forecast (2020)

  • Release: 2020 / 13 Jun 2020
  • Genre:  ✯ Comedy ✯ Romance
  • Language: English
  • Country: Canada
  • Runtime: 83 mins
  • Rating: 6 10 1809
  • Quality:  ✯ 1080P WebRip ✯ 720P WebRip
    *WebRip: same quality as BluRay, but ripped earlier from a streaming service
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Leah Waddell works as an on-air weather girl for a local television station in Conway, although she aspires to do real forecasting work for or with the station’s chief meteorologist Chris, who believes she needs more experience before he will permit her to transition into that area. In addition to signs showing her that her dating life has stalled, Leah makes the threefold decision to: move out of her parents’ house; stop dating for a year; and focus that year on her professional life, which includes completing her degree in meteorology and honing her knowledge on the science of weather forecasting. As soon as she makes that decision, men seem to be coming out of the woodwork, they not there before, wanting to date her. She ends up moving next door to Mark Crawford, who too is embarking on his own one year plan: having grown up on and just moved from his father’s dairy farm, he, having gotten a consulting job with a dairy, is giving city life a try, his heart up to this point of his …

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Christie Will Wolf

Writer :

Barbara Kymlicka

Actors :
Cindy Busby| Christopher Russell| Donna Benedicto| Ryan McDonell|

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