Lock-On Love (2018)

  • Release: 2018   ( 12 Oct 2018 )
  • Genre:  ✯ Romance
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan
  • Runtime: 95 mins
  • Rating: 7
  • Quality:  ✯ 720P (HD)

Towa Furuya is a handsome high school student. Since he was little, he has always been surrounded by women. He believes that he is popular with women, but he has never had a girlfriend in his life. One day, Towa’s classmate tells him “you’re the type of guy where girls only look at.” Towa gets upset and states that he will make Misono Miwa his girlfriend. Misono is a beautiful girl and she is popular with guys, but she turns down their advances. Towa confesses his feelings to Misono, but she also turns him down. Towa doesn’t give up and his feelings get stronger for her. He discovers that she likes art teacher Takatsugu Masaki.

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Noboru Iguchi

Writer :

Jung-hee Lee (screenplay), Nana Shiiba (manga: "Kakugo wa ii ka soko no joshi.")

Actors :
Kentaro Ito| Shouma Kai| Erika Karata| Teppei Koike|

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