Initiation 21 (2019)

A competitive MMA fighter about to turn pro wakes up to find blood in his bed and his fiancée missing. He receives a call from a mysterious person who tells him that he’s been poisoned and has 72 hours to find the antidote. All clues are left on his cell phone. Action packed fast moving mixed martial arts film starring Jacobe Powell, a real Kickboxing champion/MMA fighter, Ciera Foster and Tony Tanelli Oliver. Alonzo Howard (Powell) gets clues from Norris Cole (Oliver) to find the antidote and his missing fiancée, along the way Howard is brought to the very people close to him and a realization that people are not who they seem to be. Suffering from the side effects of the poison Howard is constantly defending himself against professionals with different fight styles. Racing his Sling Shot car through the city streets of Los Angeles and overcoming all the fighting obstacles, Howard is in a race for time and the last clue will lead to life or death. The twist will blow his mind.

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Tony Tanelli Oliver

Writer :

Tony Tanelli Oliver

Actors :
Tiffany DeMarco| Ciera Foster| David Plascencia| Viktoriya Dov|

Initiation 21 screenshot YIFY MoviesInitiation 21 screenshot YIFY MoviesInitiation 21 screenshot YIFY Movies
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