Ford v Ferrari (2019)

American car designer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles battle corporate interference, the laws of physics and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford and challenge Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

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Director :
James Mangold

Writer :

Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, Jason Keller

Actors :
Matt Damon| Christian Bale| Jon Bernthal| Caitriona Balfe|

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Best Review:

It is said that the sports movie format works best when it tells a story based on real events. Directed by James Mangold, let’s be honest, was far from the real world: take at least his success in the universe of “X-Men”. However, in the case of “Ford v Ferrari”, the director managed to open an almost new movie – if only because driving a racing car in terms of a car driver is not cinematic. By recognising this cinema fact, as well as paying tribute to the prototypes of the characters in the film, Mangold managed to create one of the most spectacular projects of 2019. Moreover, the director has created not so much one of the main movies about racing, as a cunning commentary on today’s realities: two strong men desperately trying to do their job while they are prevented by corporate masters.


Unpleasant Henry Ford II has entered into racing competition with Enzo Ferrari himself. This culminated in a rivalry between two car giants in the Le Mans 24 Hours race. Faced with strong rivals in the face of Ferrari, the millionaire entrusts Lee Jacocca (the famous manager of the company, which has a quite curious biography; pity his story has not yet received a film adaptation) to hire a former Le Mans winner Carroll Shelby to develop the world’s best racing car. Team Shelby is an outstanding, but difficult to communicate racer Ken Miles. Miles immediately arouses the anger of the bosses, so Shelby has to stand up for a friend and sometimes make difficult choices.


Mangold takes “F vs. F” out of the zone of an uncomplicated genre movie. There are still moments a la “training editing” in which participants prepare for a big competition, but first of all the script here reveals the personality. The culmination here is very unconventional, especially if you do not know the details of those historical events in advance, and you can even draw conclusions. Even curiously, the movie is called “Ford v Ferrari”, although very little is said about the latter, but even in those moments in which the team named Ferrari, they want to empathize. Obviously, it’s more of a confrontation between two ways of doing business, but Mangold cleverly weaves it into a sports movie without sacrificing the integrity of its basic elements.


In general, the film is built on acting. It’s brilliant here. Matt Damon’s role may not be as impressive as others in his career, but he gets a significant part of the emotional scenes. His character is the engine of the plot. Bale, on the other hand, lost the weight he gained for “The Authority”, and also managed to convey emotions even with his helmet and sunglasses.


“Ford v Ferrari has, of course, a slight flaw: the painting has a problem with attention stimulation. While motorists will be delighted with individual scenes, it seems that the film goes too deep into the details of designing or driving a car. And while the race scenes are intense with enough first-person shots to give the illusion of being on a track, there are too many dead spots between them.


A fascinating racing movie may be delayed in some places, but overall the movie manages to maintain a good pace, paying more attention to spectacular moments than trying to be important and intelligent. The story here is simple and classic, so it’s amazing that the story hasn’t been filmed in the 60’s – right at the time the action takes place. But the old-fashionedness is presented here in its best form. At the heart of Ford v Ferrari is still the story of racing, and the touching friendship that is central to it. The basic morale of this relationship remains unspoken, but it’s still easy to read: being a leader doesn’t mean being a winner and vice versa. Love your cars!

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