Double Whammy (2001)

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Ray Pluto is a detective with a problem due to the loss of his wife and daughter. One day, he is in a fast food place, and due to a pain in his back, he is not able to avoid a mass murderer of six people. A young boy uses his gun and kills the killer. He becomes a loser in the eyes of the police force and public opinion, and his partner convinces him to have a session with the chiropractor Dr. Ann Beamer. A complicated romance between them grows. Meanwhile, at least two other plots happen in the movie involving detective Pluto and other odd characters.

03 Aug 2001 Comedy /
Crime /
Drama /

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Tom DiCillo

Writer :

Tom DiCillo

Actors :
Denis Leary| Elizabeth Hurley| Luis Guzmán| Victor Argo|

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