Captain Marvel (2019)

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Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

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Director :
Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

Writer :

Anna Boden (screenplay by), Ryan Fleck (screenplay by), Geneva Robertson-Dworet (screenplay by), Nicole Perlman (story by), Meg LeFauve (story by), Anna Boden (story by), Ryan Fleck (story by), Geneva Robertson-Dworet (story by)

Actors :
Brie Larson| Samuel L. Jackson| Ben Mendelsohn| Jude Law|

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Best Review:

“Captain Marvel” performs the same functions as last year’s “Black Panther”. Like the movie about King Wakanda, the tape about the main defender of Earth and the whole cosmos is also a suspended solitaire, which, although it precedes a large-scale event (in terms of chronology of films on the screen), but it does not really concern him. Moreover, these paintings stand out also for their main characters. But only if the “Black Panther” bribed his settinga and a specific identity, “Captain Marvel” – it is absolutely ordinary and unremarkable movie populated. This, of course, and not a complete failure, but certainly not a benchmark for future soloists from Marvel. The main problem is that the film can’t be called a filler, as there are many important explanations for the chronology of the universe, but, in fact, it’s a clean water filler, which was only needed for something else potentially profitable to fill the gap between the sequel “Ant Man” and “Avengers 4”.


I wanted to start with the biggest gap in the ribbon. According to the studio, Carol Danvers should be the new face of the movie when her veterans are retired. I don’t know why, but this character is completely uninteresting to the viewer. She doesn’t cling to her charisma like Tony Stark did. She’s not as famous a comic book character as she was with the Hulk and Captain America. She’s not surrounded by an interesting setting– like in Torah movies or the same Black Panther. She doesn’t have the cool visual ability that Ant Man, for example, had. Anyway, as the new face of the movie universe, Carol Danvers doesn’t work with the word “at all”. But as Captain Marvel’s movie, it’s generally going well. It has enough cool visual effects, humor and lorny additions, but the drawbacks drag the blanket on itself, not leaving due attention to the positive aspects of the picture.


What painting can catch, if the setting is common, the heroine is not interesting, and her main ability looks ordinary? First of all, “Captain Marvel” was created to expand the boundaries of the film population. Finally, it added the scrolls and told more about Cree, “a race of valiant warriors heroes.” We also learned about the past of some famous heroes (it’s not just about Nick Fury, Agent Colson and Ronan the Blame). Among other things, we were told how Nick lost his eye and how the Avengers initiative came about, as well as why it is so called within the framework of this movie universe. Unfortunately, there were virtually no clear references to Avengers: Final, except for a few hints. The creators of this picture set themselves the right task in every sense. Instead of pushing the referenda in the direction of the upcoming crossover, the scriptwriters made it so that the audience watched all twenty previous movies more conscious, understanding a little more about the characters in the background. Speaking of the characters in the background of this movie. And they’re just outshining the main character with their charisma. Nick Fury, performed by Samuel Leroy Jackson became the main personification of the 90’s, chosen by the creators of the time for events. He is not as serious as in other Marvel movies, and jokes quite often. The character of Jude Law, around whom there was a fuss during the advertising campaign, is also charismatic. However, all the attention is stolen by the Goose SEAL, who is, in fact, an unusual pet. Among the other positive aspects of the painting can highlight a rather cool acting game, especially the character Ben Mendolson, whose name will be a spoiler. Bree Larson always puts it all out there. This will prove even watched the brainless action “Kong: Skull Island”. However, in this movie, she, to put it mildly, little emotional.


There are also cool visual effects in the movie, which created huge alien cities of planet Hala and noticeably rejuvenated the characters we know from other films. The main trump card was a detailed demonstration of the mimicry of the scrolls in other creatures. Filmed all certainly stylishly and for this the operator has tried. Action, too, was quite interesting and even unusual, despite the not particularly remarkable ability of Carol Danvers. We were especially pleased with the penultimate bout and the final fight. The last one gave me the creeps to the point where Carol was just cheating.


Many were afraid that since the heroine does not remember anything, it would be a lot of inappropriate flashbacks. I can make you happy, because all flashbacks are demonstrated incredibly talented, and a separate praise is their editing.


Is it worth to stay on stage after the credits? The first one is definitely worth staying on, as it is directly related to “Avengers 4”. The second one is similar to the one in “The Ants and the Axe Man”. It’s got nothing but humor. But I think the real fans will laugh at the attitude to one of the most important artifacts.


Stan Lee’s cameo here is incredibly sweet and soulful, but a much bigger surprise for you will be another moment that touches you no less. But I won’t tell you anything about it, because it’s a spoiler that can ruin the whole viewing experience.


It’s also worth mentioning the aged spirit of the 90s. It was very cool when the song “Come Us You Are” by legendary rock band Nirvana was played during a very serious emotional scene. The most interesting thing was that it all looked incredibly organic.


To sum up, “Captain Marvel” is not a bad movie, which gives the ground for all movies of the movie universe. As a solo movie about Carol Danvers is quite ordinary, but as a prequel works very well. In general, it’s a drive, hilarious, thoughtful, and soulful movie that has time not only to tell the story, but also to fill gaps in the chronology of the entire universe.

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